Commercial LED
Lighting Solutions

Get started with a Free Savings Analysis

Serving Pittsburgh & Erie

Commercial LED
Lighting Solutions

Get started with a Free Savings Analysis

Serving Pittsburgh & Erie

Top Energy Efficiency Company Serving Pittsburgh & Erie

Update to LED Lighting with No Upfront Cost

Be confident knowing you have chosen LED Experts. Being a solution provider for your local power company allows us to deduct your rebate from your lighting proposal.

We show you how to spread the cost of the project out monthly. We are committed to keeping your monthly costs lower than your monthly savings.

Customers save on average 60% off of their electric bill. Every business wants to reduce costs. We show you the most efficient way to do this!!

No matter what type of business you have, from a small office to a manufacturing plant to a university campus, both interior and exterior, your facility will benefit from LED lighting.

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Free Energy Savings Analysis

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What’s Included

Schedule A Free Energy Savings Analysis

Don’t wait to schedule your FREE lighting audit today! You are not obligated to anything, and at a minimum, you will receive a Free savings analysis. You will be provided details of product savings, rebates, costs, and incentives.
Initial Appointment
A Global LED Solutions representative will conduct a formal walk-thru of your facility. They will gather info on your existing lighting & energy consumption. This process usually takes no more than 20 minutes, depending on the size of your building.
Savings Analysis Review
We will review the Saving Analysis Results with you, and you will receive the very best, customized, efficient, and environmentally friendly answers in a one-on-one setting. Savings Analysis results will include:

Savings in watts

Savings in dollars

LED costs

LED rebates and LED incentives

Get the highest incentives and rebates with Global

Global LED is proud to be included in the Duquesne Lighting, First Energy, Penn Power, West Penn Power, and Penelec Networks. This list is not inclusive. We ensure the highest rebate.

What happens after the Savings Analysis?

Incentives & Rebates

We complete and file all rebate paperwork.


Our professional team will quickly install your LED lights with minimal disturbance to your business.

Enjoy Instant Savings

You will notice an immediate reduction in your lighting bill. Clients enjoy an average of 60% reduction.

The Global LED Advantage

Why Choose Global LED Solutions?

We are LED Experts! Our team is experienced and highly trained. Converting a facility to Led lighting is not as simple as swapping out light bulbs! Some factors to consider are:

Retrofit vs New Fixtures

Wattage Selection

Color Selection


Sensor/Control & Dimming

Timers vs Photo Cell

Free Savings Analysis

Save big with a free on-site savings analysis. You will be provided details of product savings, costs, and rebates.

Best Rebates & Incentives

We ensure the best incentives and rebates and process all necessary paperwork. When applicable, we deduct this from your proposal. You do not wait on rebate funds, we do.

Top Warranties

Benefit from industry leading warranties on our LED lighting solutions.

Expert LED Installation

Our installation team quickly and efficiently installs your new LED lighting without disruption to your business.

No Upfront Cost

Our Energy Efficiency Program offers a no upfront cost option, and on-the-bill payment option.

LED Lighting Fixtures

We offer premium interior and exterior, commercial and industrial LED lighting.

Excellent Customer Service

We provide excellent and quick turnkey LED lighting solutions with a customer comes first attitude. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Just sit back and watch the savings roll in.

Instant Savings

Your savings begins the day you convert.


"The installation process was fast and the whole crew was polite and professional. The difference the new lighting made was incredible. We noticed a reduction in our electric bill right away. Thank you!"


"A knowledgeable sales proposal with very competent installation following. They save the planet and save us money. Great combination."


"They made my workplace much more efficient and saved money for us on electricity as well.


"Extremely knowledgeable and detailed when it comes to commercial LED lighting. The work they do is outstanding!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Do LED lights flicker?

Our LED lights are flicker free, providing better concentration levels. Having stable lighting provides a better work atmosphere.

Do you match our color scheme?

Yes, if you like a color tone we can match the look you want.

How do I get rebates from power companies?

We complete and process all paperwork for you. Some rebates are calculated based on savings, some are calculated based on fixtures, either way we deduct the amount from the project total.

Do I qualify for tax savings?

Yes, Section 179D is for LED lighting and we provide the completed form to your bookkeeper/accountant.

How is the savings analysis completed?
We conduct a detailed savings analysis going room-by-room counting the lights in the facility. We notate the hours each light is burning and how much you are being charged per kWh. We input this information into our energy calculator, along with the new lighting being proposed.
Why should I partner with Global LED Solutions?
Simply put, we save you money and time because we are the experts. We fill out the tax savings and power company rebates for you ensuring your highest rebates. From start to finish you are going to receive exceptional customer service and we provide the highest lumens per watt. Finally, we provide the best warranties in the industry with most of our products holding a 10 year warranty. We provide the best lighting at the best cost.
How do I convert my facility to LED Lighting with no upfront cost?

To ensure no upfront cost we spread the cost of the project monthly. We guarantee your monthly cost to be less than your monthly savings. Depending on the size of the job and savings amount, we typically spread the cost out 2-4 years.

Do you provide warranties?

We provide the best warranties in the industry with most of our products holding a 12 year warranty.

If I don't own the building can I still convert the space to LED lighting?

Yes, 90% of our customers are in a lease. This program benefits whoever is paying the electric bill. Landlords are not going to object to updating the building to LED lighting.

Global LED Solutions
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“Global LED Solutions provides the best lighting at the best cost with the highest lumens per watt...that’s a fact!”

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