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Energy Efficiency Program

Commercial LED Lighting Made Simple

We deliver start-to-finish lighting solutions so you can get energy efficient LED lighting with customer first service while you focus on your business.

White Glove Service

We do everything for you with a customer comes first attitude.

Enjoy Savings

See an average of 60%savings on your energy bill.

Update to LED Lighting with No Upfront Cost

Global LED Solutions will provide you a free energy savings analysis & show you the most efficient way to convert to LED Lighting. We offer a NO upfront cost option which allows your savings to pay for the conversion.

The Process Is Easy

Our Energy Efficiency Program


Savings Analysis

We perform a savings analysis of updating to LED lighting based on your needs.


Rebates & Incentives

We process all rebates & incentives, and deduct it from the project cost.


Install LED lighting

Our expert installers work around your schedule, and do not disrupt your business atmosphere.

Why Partnering with Global Makes Good Business Sense

Global LED Solutions offers commercial lighting solutions that offer significant savings.

Ease of conversion

Our Energy Efficiency Program allows a seemless conversion to LED lighting.

Less Maintenance

Our LED lighting is ballast-free, and has a longer lifespan, creating less maintenance.

Energy Savings

Switching to LED saves an average of 60% on your electric bill & reduces energy consumption.


LED lighting uses less energy, is mercury free, 100% recyclable and has fewer C02 emissions.

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