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If you are considering making the switch to LED lighting, you’ve come to the right place. Global LED Solutions is an energy efficiency company and through our energy efficiency program, we help businesses like yours update to LED lighting with NO UPFRONT COST. We are a solution provider for AEP, South Central Power, DP&L and all local carriers so we can ensure you the highest incentives and rebates lowering your electric bill.

Our expert lighting consultants will come to your business and perform a free energy savings analysis. You will receive the very best, customized, efficient, and environmentally friendly answers in a one-on-one setting. Be ready to experience quality LED lighting for your business AND save money at the same time.

Call (216) 270-4828 or fill out the form for a FREE SAVINGS ANALYSIS.

Quick, Smooth Process Because We Do All The Work For You!

  • We perform a savings analysis of updating your desired lighting needs with LED lighting.

  • We fill out all paperwork for tax incentives.

  • We complete paperwork for rebates for your local electric provider.

  • Updating to LED goes very quickly and smoothly – 2 men: one on a ladder and one handing him the LED lighting.

“We provide the best lighting at the best cost with the highest lumens per watt…that’s a fact!”

Benefits of LED Lighting

Minimize Energy Use

Average Of 60% Off Lighting Bill

Less Maintenance

Environmental Friendly

Our Customers Say

“My electric bill was cut in half. The place looks great. Best of all, I will never use a ballast again!”


“Because we are a school filled with students that have disabilities, it only made sense to go with a flicker free LED tube that never loses light. Their concentration levels are up, their grades are up, the overall environment is just amazing!”


“This is the best business decision I’ve made. The power company paid for a great portion of the job. With the tax write off it brought my ROI to less than 2 years, and I didn’t have to come out of my budget whatsoever.”


“What a great company. They didn’t try to over sell me. The installers were so professional, I didn’t even know they were here. Global LED Solutions did exactly what they said they were going to do.”


Featured Projects

Distribution Services

Distribution Services



Dental Office

Automotive Dealership

Automotive Dealership


Industrial Warehouse

Industrial Warehouse Shop

Body/Mechanic Shop

Body/Mechanic Shop

Beauty Salon

Convenience Store

Storage Warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Do LED lights flicker?2022-12-07T19:21:26+00:00

Our LED lights are flicker free, providing better concentration levels. Having stable lighting provides a better atmosphere.

Do you match our color scheme?2022-12-07T19:21:03+00:00

Yes, if you like a color tone we can match the look you want.

How do I get rebates from power companies?2022-12-07T19:20:42+00:00

As a business owner we understand you are extremely busy. We are a solution provider for AEP, South Central Power, DP&L and all local carriers so we can ensure you the highest incentives and rebates lowering your electric bill. We will provide all the completed paperwork needed to receive your rebates.

Do I qualify for tax savings?2022-12-07T19:20:22+00:00

Yes, Section 179D is for LED lighting and we provide the completed form to your bookkeeper/accountant.

How is the savings analysis completed?2022-12-07T19:20:03+00:00

We conduct a detailed savings analysis going room-by-room counting the lights in the facility and understanding the number of hours each light is being used and how much you are being charged per kW. We input all that information in an energy calculator along with the new lighting we are proposing. The energy calculator provides us with an accurate cost savings amount.

Why should I partner with Global LED Solutions?2022-12-07T19:19:41+00:00

Simply put, we save you money and time because we are the experts. We fill out the tax savings and power company rebates for you ensuring your highest rebates. From start to finish you are going to receive exceptional customer service and we provide the highest lumens per watt. Finally, we provide the best warranties in the industry with most of our products holding a 12 year warranty. We provide the best lighting at the best cost.

How do I convert my facility to LED Lighting with no upfront cost?2022-12-07T19:19:24+00:00

To ensure no upfront cost we spread the cost of the project monthly. We guarantee your monthly cost to be less than your monthly savings. Depending on the size of the job and savings amount, we typically spread the cost out 2-4 years.

Do you provide warranties?2022-12-07T19:18:47+00:00

We provide the best warranties in the industry with most of our products holding a 12 year warranty.

If I don’t own the building can I still convert the space to LED lighting?2022-12-07T19:17:55+00:00

Yes, 90% of our customers are in a lease. This program benefits whoever is paying the electric bill. Landlords are not going to object to updating the building to LED lighting.

No Job Is Too Big Or Small

The Energy Efficiency Program is provided to help businesses convert to LED lighting with no upfront cost. The LED lighting project cost is broken up monthly so that our customers can pay for the project with the money they save in electric. Using this method, there is no risk and no need to wait for a return on investment.

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